About VSN portal

About the VSN portal

About the VSN portal

Last update: 19 September 2017

The VSN portal is owned by the World Health Organization and is administrated by the Vaccine Safety Net Secretariat. It benefits from the advice of the VSN Advisory group. The VSN portal is sponsored by WHO’s and partners’ grants and is independent from the pharmaceutical industry.

The publicly available area of the VSN portal consist of the collection of resources that are available from members websites and that members are willing to share with the worldwide community interested in vaccine safety. The VSN AG will be reviewed and approved resources that are proposed by VSN members for posting on the VSN portal.

The information on the VSN portal will be reviewed periodically by the VSN AG to provide the VSN audience with the latest news and scientific based information on vaccine safety.

The purpose of the VSN portal

This portal is the WHO Vaccine Safety Net electronic platform which is publicly accessible and contains also a password protected area for VSN members only.

The public section of this portal present the Vaccine Safety Net and the World Health Organization Global Vaccine Safety Initiative of which the VSN is an integral part. The portal's aim is to share the numerous and useful resources from VSN members’ and make them available to the public, health practitioners and policymakers. It also provides guidance on how to join the Network.

The password-protected section of the portal is organized around topic oriented working groups, a forum and a “News” section, encourage the sharing of members’ best practices in vaccine safety communication and is a resources repository for Network members. This section aims at promoting the exchange of knowledge by compiling, collaboratively producing publications and sharing experience in vaccine safety communication.