Immunisation Scotland (of the NHS in Scotland)

Immunisation Scotland (of the NHS in Scotland)

Last update: 8 February 2017

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June 2016
Young people
Health-care professionals
General public
United Kingdom

Language: English, with all publications available in other languages.

Audience: Parents, adults, young people, children and health professionals in Scotland

Immunisation Scotland is a national resource that provides patients and members of the public with a range of useful information about immunisation in Scotland, be it for themselves, family, or friends. It is the official immunisation site of the national, public health service in Scotland. The site highlights why immunisation is important, when to immunise, what vaccines are available, and which diseases these protect against. The site has publications available to download in various languages, is accessible and has a question and answer section. One of the features is an interactive immunisation schedule which outlines which vaccines are available to children throughout their infancy and childhood years, which diseases these protect against, and when immunisation is offered. The site also includes a reference section to signpost health professionals to further information. The site is updated and reviewed on a regular basis by an editorial group of immunisation specialists.

The site is provided for the NHS in Scotland and the Health Directorate of the Scottish Government by NHS (National Health Service) Health Scotland. NHS Health Scotland is Scotland’s national agency for improving the health of Scotland and a Special Health Board of NHS Scotland.