VSN Secretariat

  • Isabelle Sahinovic

    VSN Coordinator
  • Dr Smaragda Lamprianou

    Scientific Consultant
  • Alma Sokolovic-Rasmussen

    Communication Consultant

VSN Advisory Group

  • Catharina de Kat

    Web and Information Officer, WHO Europe
  • Cherstyn Hurley

    Immunisation Publications Manager, Public Health England, UK
  • Craig Thompson

    Immunization Director - British Columbia Ministry of Health, Canada
  • Diamantis Klimentidis

    Clinical Pharmacist, Owner and Chief Editor - Clinicalpharmacist.gr, Greece
  • Dr Alberto Tozzi

    Epidemiologist and Chief Innovation Officer - Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital, and Leader of the VSN Web Analytics project
  • Dr Ewa Augustynowicz

    Head of the Laboratory of Sera and Vaccines Evaluation, National Institute of Public Health-NIH, Warsaw, Poland
  • Dr Jane Gidudu

    Vaccine Safety Officer - Global Immunization Division, CDC, USA
  • Dr Robert Pless

    Division chief, Canadian Public Health Association, Canada
  • Elisabeth Wilhelm

    Health Communications Specialist - CDC, USA
  • Isabella Ballalai

    President of Brazilian Immunization Society (SBIm), Brazil
  • Lisa Menning

    Technical Officer, WHO, Geneve - Switzerland
  • Lucie Marisa Bucci

    Senior Manager, Immunize Canada, Canadian Public Health Association, Canada
  • Shannon Turner

    Executive Director of the Public Health Association of British Columbia, Canada
  • Yvonne Morrissey

    Communications Manager - HSE National Immunisation Office, Ireland