• The website should be consistently available.
  • Consider using responsive web design to allow for adaptability to mobile devices and other technologies.
  • A streaming format for audio and video files, ideally embedded in the page, is recommended.
  • The website should look professional and pleasing and should keep in mind the special accessibility issues of many potential users, such as the visually impaired.
    a. The design of the site should be consistent in terms of the use of logos, icons, color, and fonts.
    b. The site should not have large and unnecessary graphics.
    c. Text font, size, and colour should be readable and standard throughout the website.
  •  If content is available as a PDF (“camera-ready”) or other document type, the website should include information on how to download the file and instructions (and a link) for obtaining the necessary software to do so.
  • When files are available for download, the file size should be displayed.
  • Print-friendly buttons should be used on each page, so that information can easily be printed. The website should be readable without the need to download too much content.
  • 'Share' buttons should be included to encourage readers to disseminate content via social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Email, YouTube etc.)
  • Websites should allow users to easily access the home page from any of its pages. The back button should be functional and/or each page should have a link back to the homepage.
  • Links should be checked regularly to ensure that users are directed to the site or page they expect to visit. Any broken links should be fixed.
  • Website should be structured and follow a logical hierarchy for ease of navigation. The site should offer aids to finding information, such as a site map, internal search engine, or index.
  • Most materials should be available for use in the public domain, with only limited content copyrighted, e.g. materials that require purchase. Information on the legality of further use or distribution of materials, e.g. use of creative commons license, should be clearly indicated.