Page last updated: 18 October 2019

Description of the website

The website is built around clinical pharmacy practice and evidence-based medicine. It contains case studies, critical reviews of published evidence, original reviews and clinical pearls. Moreover, through articles targeted towards the general public, it aims to promote science-based thinking and dispel myths surrounding healthcare and medicine.

In this regard, it contains a section relating to vaccines which contains several articles that address common myths, discuss latest information and provide an unbiased and deep review of the current evidence.

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Website’s content or editorial policy aims to promote clinical pharmacy practice as a necessary specialization currently missing from the Greek healthcare ecosystem. It serves as a meeting point between clinical pharmacists and other healthcare professionals, through original articles that are interesting to both pharmacists and doctors.

Content is selected through discussion between the website’s core team which consists of two clinical pharmacists, one community pharmacists and one medical researcher and it revolves around concepts that emerge from our daily clinical practice, as well as local and international news. For more information, please visit: