Immunisation Advisory Centre

Page last updated: 14 January 2023

Description of the website

The Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC) website provides New Zealanders with evidence-based information on the National Immunisation Programme and the diseases that the programme helps protect against.

There is detailed information on all diseases and vaccines. The written resources section contains many pdfs that provide very detailed information on aspects of immunisation, vaccines and preventable diseases.

Health professionals can access online information and booking for professional development and vaccinator training courses. There are a number of videos available for viewing as well. The Hot Topics section summarises and follows current events in New Zealand relating to VPDs.

Website's sponsorship policy

IMAC’s sponsorship policy provides procedures, a framework and guidelines under which IMAC may accept gifts and regulate sponsorships and account for them. Sources of funding for research projects and resource development are provided as well.

Website’s content or editorial policy

All information within the IMAC website is based upon relevant, evidence-based data. Changes to content are made on an "as required" basis.

Content is amended by the Technical Writer or the Communications Manager, in consultation with other members of the Editorial and Review team as required. Clinical or scientific content changes are checked and approved by either the Director or Director of Research.