Immunization Advocates

Page last updated: 04 March 2023

Description of the website

The website of Immunization Advocates is a member of the WHO-led project Vaccine Safety Net (VSN).

Immunization Advocates supports health and media professionals with educational resources and connects journalists to health experts to help them communicate, report or advocate accurately on immunization. We provide articles, online courses, and other digital resources related to information about vaccine acceptance and demand.

Website’s sponsorship policy

Sabin partners with organizations worldwide to deepen journalist and health worker knowledge, skillsets and connectivity to report, communicate or advocate on vaccines and immunization.

The Immunization Advocates program is supported by donors and contributors to the Sabin Vaccine Institute. Details of Sabin’s financials and our annual reports are available here.

Website’s content or editorial policy

Content development is informed by our partners, and decisions for this website are solely the discretion of Sabin staff.

The information on this website and procedure for site content selection conforms to the Sabin Vaccine Institute’s Privacy Policy. This website is solely and independently maintained and regularly reviewed and updated by Sabin staff. The majority of webpages include the date it was last reviewed.