NHS Inform - Immunisation

Page last updated: 30 January 2020

Description of the website

The website of Immunisation Scotland is a member of the WHO-led project Vaccine Safety Net (VSN).

NHS Inform is Scotland’s national website which aims to equip the public with up-to-date health information about a variety of topics, including immunisations in Scotland. The website contains information about the vaccines available and the diseases protected against, the concept of immunisation and the importance of getting immunised.

Each individual vaccine page contains the answers to commonly asked questions about vaccines and diseases they protect against. Users are able to search for vaccines by age group. As well as babies, children and teenagers, the website includes information about vaccines for young adults and older adults.

The website also contains frequently asked Q&As, links to leaflets and posters with information for each vaccine, and videos aiming to provide users with interactive information on immunisation.

l leaflets linked to from the website are available in Easy Read format and translated in three core languages (Polish, Chinese, and Urdu) and where appropriate in other languages also. All videos linked to have options to be downloaded by user alongside relevant transcripts. Several videos are also provided in a British Sign Language version.

Website's sponsorship policy

This is the national health information website for Scotland. The website is operated and funded by NHS 24 and the immunisation pages are hosted on behalf of NHS Health Scotland.

Website's content and editorial policy

The NHS Inform website is managed by NHS 24, who work directly with NHS Health Scotland in developing the immunisation content. The information on the website is evidence-based, and the immunisation content has been developed and approved by an editorial group consisting of immunisation specialists, who are listed below.

The content of the website is reviewed regularly to ensure it is accurate from a medical and policy perspective. The reviews are a collaboration between NHS Health Scotland, Health Protection Scotland, Scottish Government, and key stakeholders from local Health Boards (e.g. Immunisation Coordinators, Health Protection Nurses, Immunisation Programme Managers etc.).