Page last updated: 07 April 2020

Description of the website offers reliable, easy-to-understand information from the U.S. federal government on vaccines, immunizations, and vaccine-preventable diseases. The website provides basic information about vaccines and vaccine safety for the general public including how vaccines are tested and monitored, vaccine side effects, vaccine ingredients. On disease pages, users can find Vaccine Information Statements which also provide information about each vaccine, side effects, and safety information.

Website’s sponsorship policy is fully funded by the U.S. government and does not involve any external sponsors.

Website’s content or editorial policy content is committed to providing easy-to-understand vaccine information to the public. Content is written in plain language and made accessible for individuals with disabilities. We work with subject matter experts from multiple U.S. federal agencies to maintain the most up-to-date vaccine information. These partners verify the accuracy and reliability of our content, which is reviewed every two years or more.