VACSATC - Oltásbiztonság

Page last updated: 10 February 2020

Description of the website

"Oltásbiztonság" (i.e. vaccine safety) is an open access web site which aims to provide reliable and evidence-based information on vaccines, safe immunization and immunization practices.

The web site contains information targeted at parents and the general public on vaccine-preventable diseases and immunization for children and adults. For health-care professionals, it presents the national immunization schedule, information on bacterial and viral vaccines registered both in Hungary and centrally by the European Union, vaccine-related news of interest, and information on courses and conferences.

Detailed information on registered vaccines can be accessed through hyperlinks to the database of the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition. The protocol and reporting schemes of the National Surveillance System for Adverse Events Following Immunization are also published on the site.

Website’s sponsorship policy

The governmental background does not allow sponsorship.

Website’s content or editorial policy

Materials on the site are prepared by experts of the National Public Health Institute (Nemzeti Népegészségügyi központ, NNK) and reviewed by an editorial board composed of acknowledged professionals in the fields of vaccine control, microbiology and infectious disease epidemiology.

The news section is updated when relevant news becomes available, with all site content reviewed in details as needed.

Practically: There is an editorial board meeting every month, at the first Wednesday of the month. During this meeting we shortly review the home page, discuss the actual tasks, and point out who is responsible for which task. The chair of the editorial board writes the minutes. The starting point of the next meeting to check the minutes, which points are completed and which are not.